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Message from the IFC President (December 2018)

Dear Fellow Members and Friends,

The Holiday Season is here again and part of the tradition of our great Club is to show our trusted employees our appreciation by contributing toward the Holiday bonus pool.

In this edition of Shortcast, you will find an enclosed bonus slip that allows you to show your appreciation to our 14 hard working employees. We will also have slips available in the Club.

Your generosity means a great deal to our employees. Quite often it is your generous gesture that makes all the difference for the employees and their families during the Holidays. Please take a moment to fill out the bonus slip with your contribution, or, just simply e-mail the Club at vinnie@theislamoradafishingclub.com and we will debit
your account.

Thank you all for being so generous to our employees. They appreciate it!   I wish you and yours a happy, safe and healthy holiday.

Best Regards,

Joe Roth III
IFC President


Hello, Fishermen!

It is December and we are finally having temperatures get into the 50's here in the Keys. This has been a very warm fall for us this year! I realize that the rest of the country has had some early winter conditions already, but the cold fronts just haven't pushed through south Florida until now. Hopefully this cold snap will help improve the winter fishery that we usually have here in the Keys (like sailfish, wahoo, cobia, and grouper). The cold fronts make the biggest difference in the movement of bait fish. With the drop in water temperature, the bait fish will tend to seek the warmer waters near the reef. With these huge schools of bait showing up on the top of the reef, it is only a matter of time for the predator fish to show up to feed. Due to large schools of ballyhoo showing up, we have already had some exciting showering action this fall which had produced some great sailfish catches. I predict that after a few more cold snaps, the bait showers will only get better and better. The best way to target the sailfish, tuna, and dolphin in these showers is to use a light spinning rod with a 30lb. leader. On the Conetagioius, we prefer a 3/0 circle hook and a live ballyhoo or pilchard as bait. Once you get near the shower, simply cast the bait as far as you can in the direction of the shower. The healthier the live bait, the better! The sailfish often want the bait to try and get away. It is kind of like a game of "cat and mouse" to them. Running bait showers can be one of the most exhilarating ways to target sailfish anywhere in the world. You also have a good chance of catching other species in the showers as well. My neighbor caught an African pompano this week casting into a shower!

I have had numerous mutton snappers and groupers eat a live bait in a shower over the years. This fall we've had several great days catching some nice blackfin tuna and dolphin showering ballyhoo. The offshore fishing was been very good the past few weeks. Maybe it will continue over the next month with a little luck! The weed and current edges are the key to having a productive day this time of year. We have had some great catches of dolphin and wahoo on magical pieces of debris found along the current edges this past month. Earlier this fall, we were offshore running up a weed edge looking for a piece of debris for mahi when I spotted a blue marlin tailing down the weed edge. With the help of quick thinking on my mate Daniel's part, we were hooked up to a 400 lb blue marlin. It turned out to be an epic battle and we got to see an amazing show while we battled it on the 30 lb spinning rod. You just never know what you will encounter out there so be prepared Over the past few weeks, the blackfin tuna fishing has been surprisingly better than usual for the early winter. The sharks are not such a problem now that the water temperatures are dropping. We all know how frustrating the humps can be when the sharks are bad. The bait of choice lately has been belly-hooked cigar minnows or pilchards. Live ballyhoo will work quite well too. Those same light spinning rods with 20-30lb leader and a 3/0 circle hook will also do the trick on the tuna. Don't be surprised if you get cut off. It could be a barracuda or maybe a wahoo. So, maybe have a spinning rod with a trace of wire ready to go.

Speaking of wahoo... they're becoming one of my favorite fish to target in the winter months. We have put in a good amount of time in last year wahoo-trolling and did pretty well. There were several days where we had multiple hook-ups. This year has started off a little slower, but maybe I was anxious and started targeting them to soon. The water this year hasn't been as clear blue as it was last year either. In my opinion, that is the single biggest factor in doing well for wahoo. If you see deep purple-blue water, then there is a good chance that you will have a shot or two at a wahoo. We like to troll cigar leads with a lure trailing about 20-30 ft behind. Our best speed seem to be from 12-17 mph here in the Keys. The best depth for us has been from 120 - 200 feet. The wahoo are also a blast on light spinning rods with live bait. Large speedos or cigar minnows seem to work best.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. If you are stumped on a present for a loved one, consider a fishing charter! They not only will love it, but the boat crew will appreciate the business. Our industry has gone through a lot with the storms over the past few years. And, you never know, maybe it will be the trip of a lifetime!

CONTAGIOUS ~ Capt. Brian Cone


New Year’s Eve Dinner 2018

Appetizers (Choice of One)

  • Pan Seared Scallops with Prosciutto, Sauternes Gelee', and White Balsamic
  • Shrimp and Crab with White Cocktail Sauce

Soup or Salad (Choice of One)

  • Shrimp and Corn Chowder
  • IFC Lobster Bisque


  • Watercress, Goat cheese, Grilled Figs, Toasted Pistachio, Honey Vinaigrette
  • Hearts of Baby Romaine, Chopped Bacon, Grape Tomato, Bleu Cheese Crumbles, Creamy Bleu Cheese

Entrée Choice

  • Rack of Lamb, Black Currant Gastrique, Smashed Yukon Gold Potatoes, White & Green Asparagus
  • Pan Seared Halibut, Roasted Purple Peruvian Potato, White & Green Asparagus, Shellfish Butter & Basil Oil
  • Espresso and Truffle Glazed Short Rib, Dauphinoise Potatoes, White & Green Asparagus


  • Triple Chocolate Marquis
  • Reconstructed Berry Cobbler

Reservations Required
Beverages Not Included