Member Information

Membership Application

Please note - membership information is subject to change. Please contact the club for the most up to date information.

IFC Membership Classes

IFC Membership Procedure

  • An applicant for membership must be proposed by at least two members in good standing of any membership category except “trail membership". All applications shall be in writing on a form provided by the club, signed by the applicant and his sponsors, and shall be accompanied by the initiation fee and dues.
  • All applications for membership shall be presented to the chairman of the membership committee, who shall confer with his committee. If they agree on a favorable recommendation, the application shall be posted on the club bulletin board for a period of not less than fourteen days.
  • Former members may be reinstated upon such terms as the board of directors may determine.

Membership Process

  1. You and your sponsoring members should jointly complete the Membership Application contained in this packet. If you do not have two sponsoring members please consult with our club manager who will arrange for you to meet with our membership chairman.
  2. Your completed application along with the $100.00 initiation fee and your first year's membership should be mailed to or dropped off at:

    lslamorada Fishing Club
    P.O. Box 22
    (104 Madeira Road)
    lslamorada, FL 33036
  3. Upon your acceptance into the lslamorada Fishing Club, you will receive a member packet containing your membership cards. IFC Standing Rules. By-Laws, and a Membership Directory. If you have questions about this process, contact our club manager at 305-664-4735.